Purpose And Use: This special cylinder is made with three chambers and two valves. The most important measurement is for the penis chamber, in order for this cylinder to work to its fullest, you must be able to fill the penis chamber from side wall to side wall. This cylinder will not fit if you are less than seven inches in total, erect length and have a penis and ball circumference of ten inches or above. After you fill the penis chamber a second valve allows for adjusting of pressure in the chamber filled with your testicles, when pressure is increased in the testicle chamber it pulls your testicles forward pulling them away from the body.


-----------------------------First Scrotum Stage                                  ----------------------Second Penis Stage    
Opening  ----- NeckLength---------Inside Diameter -------------------------Inside Diameter----------Overall Length
3" --------------- 1 1/2" ----------------- 4"or 4.25" ------------------------------1.5" up to 2.5"

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