Penis Pumps Are Very Helpful For
Penis Enlargement, Penis Health and Erectile Dysfunction.

You may feel a little lack of self confidence with the size of your penis. Many men have the goal of having a larger penis. It's a fact that the larger your penis is the more aroused women will be. When a woman sees a larger penis it mentally stimulates her and makes her want to feel you inside of her. They may not say state this but they secretly want this. It is also very important to have a hard penis. A soft penis does not feel as stimulating inside of the vagina. Younger men usually have a hard erection so this is not a problem. But in older men or men or men with vascular problems this can really be a problem. The good thing is that a quality penis pump is very efficient for penis enlargement & penis health. Using a penis pump forces fresh blood flow into the penis. This blood flow force the entire penis larger than its normal size. This forced bloodflow enlarges & opens up veins and arteries some that may be clogging up due to diet or shrinking due to age. Keeping the penis "pumped up" allows the penis tissue to microscopically tear similarly to forcing bloodflow to muscles when one works out. Average time to use a penis pump is for 30 - 60 minutes or longer to get a good workout. Also very important is a good supply of nutrients to the penis after pumping including protein and vitamin supplements. Also get plenty of sleep so the penis will heal & rejuvinate while you sleep which is when growth horomone is released. The penis will be thicker & longer because the blood and fluids that have been forced into the penis. The penis will usually stay enlarged for approximately 24 hours before it returns to its normal size. Repeated pumping enlargement can lead to permanent enlargement gains as well as a harder erection. Pumping the penis regularly also keeps the penis from shrinking which happens to men as they age. If you do not pump or exercise the penis shrinkage is a normal occurance. You can get more information about this by watching this video You can also use a stretching device to help with the process of enlarging the penis. There are good products available for this such as the Penis Stretching Cylinder or Penis Stretching Strap available on our website. Please note that the penis MUST be exercised on its own or by external force or it will atrophy.

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