Purpose And Use: These two stage tubes are intended for the advanced pumper who is doing both his cock and balls. The design has a smaller opening at the base going into a larger cylinder. This allows the user a more comfortable size opening without sucking in more of the lower body, yet allowing plentry of room for expansion. Using this type of tube we have had customers that obtain a cock cirumferance of 14" and a ball circumference of 24". These tubes are more costly because it requires 4 to 5 times the amount of time needed to build a normal tube.

Notice: The bottom rim of all two stage tubes increase the bottom diameter by 1" across. Therefore if you are purchasing a 3" diameter tube the actual distance of the tube with the rim is 4" across. On larger sized tubes like 4", 4 1/2" and 5" you must measure between your legs to insure that the tube will fit between your legs.   If the tube does not fit properly you will not get a good seal.



First Stage                                  Second Stage    
Opening  ----- NeckLength            Inside Diameter ---Overall Length  ----  Retail Price                           

2 3/4"             1 1/2"                        4.75"                      10"                      $180.00

(Best Size For Beginners)

3"                    1 1/2"                         5"                       10"                      $190.00

3 1/4"             1 1/2"                         5.5"                      10"                      $195.00

3 1/2"             1 1/2"                         6"                        10"                      $200.00

4"                    1 1/2"                         6.5"                    10"                       $210.00

$180.00 BuyNow
2 3/4" Two Stage Tube  (Include Shipping In US)

$190.00 BuyNow
3" Two Stage Tube   (Includes Shipping In US)

$195.00 BuyNow
3 1/4" Two Stage Tube    (Includes Shipping In US)

$200.00 BuyNow
3 1/2"  Two Stage Tube    (Includes Shipping In US)

$210.00 BuyNow
4" Two Stage Tube    (Includes Shipping In US)

(For International Orders Please Contact Us For Shipping Rates)

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